Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We-Care.com is a better way of shopping. You shop as you normally do, at your favorite online merchants, but by adding an extra click through We-Care.com or using our plug-in, you can donate a percentage of your purchase to the nonprofit, school, or association of your choice.
No. Registration is strictly optional, but it allows for enhanced features, including tracking your donations, saving your preferences, and receiving optional emails with opportunities for high donations and special discounts.
We-Care.com works with nonprofits, schools, and associations.
Nearly everything. Our merchants include retail, travel, financial services, and quite a bit more. Book your flight and hotel. Rent a car. Shop for books. Apply for a mortgage. Buy furniture and household items. Send gifts. Search for apartments. Pick out a cell phone plan. Order web hosting and office supplies. Subscribe to magazines, newspapers, DVD services, and even satellite TV. You get the idea.
Not a penny. You can even save money with special deals and coupons from participating merchants.
We receive our money from the merchants for driving business to their site. So, we're only as successful as the causes we support.
We-Care.com is an IMG (Internet Marketing Group, Ltd.) company. Partners Dave Pasternack and Kevin Lee are successful entrepreneurs many times over and the founders of the leading search engine marketing (SEM) agency Didit — part of the 2007 Inc 500 fastest-growing privately held companies (#137) and Deloitte's Fast 500 (#12). We-Care.com provides Dave and Kevin an opportunity to support organizations that improve our communities.


The merchant. When you click through We-Care.com or use our plug-in, we pass a code along to the merchant that tells them you came from We-Care.com. Once you arrive at their site, shop as you normally do. Your donations will be automatically credited to your cause.
Yes. To have a portion of your purchase donated, you must reach the merchant's site either by clicking through We-Care.com or by using our plug-in.
The We-Care Reminder, our browser extension, makes giving (at no extra cost to you) automatic whenever you shop online — even if you forget to visit We-Care.com. You can find the Reminder for Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer on our Downloads page. Once it's installed into your browser, anytime you visit one of our merchants' homepages, you'll get a dialogue box asking you whether you want to donate a part of your purchase, at no extra cost to you. All you need to do is click "Yes."

For uninstall directions, visit our Uninstall page.
You can't be sure that your donation counts unless you're coming straight from We-Care.com or using our plug-in. If you want to use an email coupon, click through We-Care.com first. Then return to the coupon and click through again. Depending on how the merchant handles its coupons, a percentage of your donation may be donated.
Most coupons only require you to click them to get the discount, but some have coupon codes. When you see a coupon code, you may want to copy it before clicking through to the merchant's site. When you shop, the merchant will ask you for the code — most likely at checkout. Enter the code to receive the savings.
After you click through We-Care.com, your shopping is done on the merchant's site. If you're having problems with an order, you will need to contact the merchant directly. We suggest saving all confirmations you receive from the merchant in case there is ever an issue on their end.


Donations vary by merchant. Each merchant page explains the company's donation policy.
Some merchants vary the donation based on the type of merchandise or service purchased. For example, an electronics store may offer 5% on TVs, 2% on MP3 players, and no donation for entertainment centers. The typical donation is, generally, the most common donation a merchant offers. Each merchant page also includes a detailed description of that merchant's donations.
We-Care.com pays causes monthly. Payments are made approximately 90 days after a transaction occurs. This period allows merchants to credit returns and pay We-Care.com. For more information on our payment policy, see our Terms of Service.
Yes, you can submit a cause to us. For the safety of our users, we verify the cause and make sure it meets our Terms of Service before adding it to our database. Approval takes about two business days, but you can get started shopping for your cause right away. Any purchase made from your computer will be credited to your cause if it's approved. (After it's approved, of course, you can select your cause from any computer.) | Add a Cause
We-Care.com provides customized co-branded marketplaces to nonprofits, schools, and associations. We work with these causes to reach out to you, their supporters, and ask you one small favor: Add an extra click to your normal shopping routine to support your cause. As some users may prefer to give to causes that have not yet partnered with We-Care.com, we've made it possible to add causes to our database and direct donations toward them. These causes do not have a formal relationship with We-Care.com and do not receive co-branded marketplaces, but may receive donations from supporters through We-Care.com.
Yes. To track your donations, you first need to register with We-Care.com. (We can't track your donation if you don't tell us who you are.) Once you've registered, you can view your donations and manage your site preferences from Your Account.
The general consensus is that they're not, but you may wish to speak with your tax advisor.

Registration and your Account

Registering allows you to get more out of We-Care.com. Registered users can view their account at any time to see a list all of their donations. We're also continually enhancing our site to provide a more customized experience. Your account contains a record of your site preferences — including the organization to which you are donating — so you won't need to reset them on each visit, even when you access We-Care.com from a different computer. Finally, registering allows you to receive optional emails alerting you to high-donation opportunities and special offers and discounts.
All of this can be done in Your Account. To get there, log in and click on the Your Account link at the top of the page.
Logging out is optional, but we do recommend it if you are using a public computer. If you are working from your own secure computer, staying logged in will ensure that all of your donations show up in your account.
Your Account allows you to change your email address, password, and site preferences. It also allows you to review your past donations. To protect your privacy and the security of your account, we require you to confirm your login if more than 20 minutes have elapsed since you last logged in.
We-Care.com only collects a minimal amount of personally identifiable information. When you register, we collect your name, email address, country, and postal code, along with your site preferences. We do this to improve your site experience and allow you to track your donations. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.
Only if you ask us to share it. This is an option you have to select when you register, and you can change this preference at any time.
No. When you click through to a merchant site, all we pass along to them is a code. When you make a purchase, they report back to us with that code, allowing us to match the donation to your account and cause.
Reporting time varies from merchant to merchant. If you notice a missing or inaccurate transaction that is not corrected within 15 business days after your payment has been processed, please contact us. Be sure to include the information found on your receipt, including the name of the merchant, purchase date, order number, items purchased, total price, and your contact information as you provided it to the merchant (name, address, phone number, and email address). Please do not include a credit card number. We'll work with the merchant to resolve the discrepancy.
If you are registered, we will occasionally send you information on special offers — generally deals that provide a particularly high donation to your cause or save you money. You can opt out of these emails at any time by visiting Your Account or by clicking the opt-out link in the email.

On very rare occasions, we may send you strictly service-related announcements, for instance, if our service is temporarily suspended for maintenance. Generally, you may not opt-out of these communications, which are not promotional in nature, as they are necessary for using the site.

Information for Organizations

We-Care.com works with nonprofits, schools, and associations. You can sign up online or contact us for more information.
No, your organization does not need to be a nonprofit, but you must have a Tax ID number in order to receive donations. We cannot accept social security numbers.
No. As a matter of fact, some merchants even offer discounts to people who shop through We-Care.com.
We receive our money from the merchants for driving business to their site. So, we're only as successful as the causes we support.
We're sorry, but at this time, We-Care.com is available to organizations only in the U.S. and Canada.