At simplehuman, they are committed to developing everyday tools that help people become more efficient at home. Whether it's a dish rack that drains all water into the sink, a trash can that withstands up to 150,000 steps, or a soap pump with patented sensor technology, they always strive to design products that are in a league of their own.

Featured Merchandise

Trash Bags, Rectangular Recycler, Butterfly Recycler, Semi-Round Recycler, Pullout Recycler, Flip Lid Recycler, Pullout Recycler, Profile Cans, , Sensor Pumps, Dishracks, Grocery Bag Holders, Paper Towel Holders, Slim Canister, Napkin Holders, Utensil Holders, Counter Top Trash Can, Cabinet Organizers, Sink Mats, Sink Caddies, Toilet Brushes, Toilet Plungers, Toilet Paper Holders, Wall Mount Pumps, Foldaway Squeegee's, Chrome Ensemble, Bamboo Ensemble, Bathroom Organization, Shower Caddies, Laundry Hampers, Recycling Magnets, Microfiber Mitt Kits, Charcoal Filters, Bag Capsules, and Replacement Bucket.


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