West Marine

West Marine has been the industry leader for more than 40 years! They are focused on providing customers with a positive shopping experience and great value on more than 50,000 high-quality products.

Featured Merchandise

Anchor and Dock, BBQ and Appliances, Boats/Kayaks/Outboards, Books and DVDs, Cabin and Galley, Casual Apparel, Clothing Accessories, Deck Hardware & Fasteners, Electrical, Electronics, Engine Systems, Fishing, Footwear, Maintenance, Navigation, Plumbing, Safety, Sailboat, Seating and Boat Covers, Sports and Recreation, Technical Apparel, Trailering, Ventilation, and Watersports.


Donations are based upon the following:
1% donation: Marine Electronics, Marine Navigation, Marine Appliances, YETI Products, Boats & Motors, Engine Systems
2% donation: Marine Books & DVDs
2.5% donation: Marine Ventilation, Foul Weather Gear, Docking, Boats, Anchoring, Accessories, Marine Ventilation
3.5% donation: Sailing, Outdoor Living, Marine Safety, Cabin and Galley, Boat Decks and Covers
4% donation: Marine Books & DVD, Water Sports
4.5% donation: Marine Electrical, Boat Maintenance, Marine Plumbing, Trailering
5% donation: Marine Plumbing, Men, Women, Kids, Apparel, Shoes