Verizon Wireless

Verizonwireless.com is a large wireless company and a professional mobile carrier with over 60.7 Million customers nationwide. Its comprehensive coverage and constant service updates contribute to the maintenance of a greatly efficient wireless network. Verizon Wireless offers a wide selection of advanced cell phones including music phones, camera phones, flip phones, PDAs and smartphones, BlackBerry Devices, and push to talk phones. The carrier also sells a variety of practical accessories that range from Bluetooth headsets and phone cases to music accessories and memory cards. There are different plans to choose from that meet the special needs and preferences of all customers. One can purchase the individual plan, family plan, prepay plan, push to talk family or voice and data plan.

Additional Information

Among the abundance of entertainment downloads and features that Verizonwireless.com provides are numerous ringtones, video clips, ringback tones, wallpapers, mobile TV, games and many more exciting tools. The products on the website are divided into several categories: Phones and accessories, Plans, Features and Downloads, Messaging and Business solutions. The wireless company also presents special offers and promotions for businesses such as business calling plans, employee discounts, account management, business and industry solutions.


Donations vary based on the following purchase chart (Service Upgrade Activation, Apple Devices, and Gift cards do not earn a donation):
$57.50: New Service Contracts
$15: Pre-Pay Service Plans or Additional Phone Line for Two Years
7.5%: Accessories
5%: Pre-Pay Service Replenishment
7.5%: Apple Accessories
*Service Upgrades do not earn a donation.