Ring Central Canada

Ringcentral.ca is an online provider of high-quality telecommunications services that are perfect for meeting the needs of individual customers and small businesses. The company combines a variety of efficient features such as toll-free numbers, local numbers, fax virtual PBX, voicemail, internet fax and call forwarding, and it does not require installation of hardware, phone lines or software.


Donations vary based on the following bookings chart:
$6.00: Registration for a free Mobile trial.
$12.50: Mobile sale.
$5.00: Registration for a free Fax trial.
$7.50: Fax sale.
$25.00 - $1,000 per amount of Users Plan: Office Direct Item sale.
$25.00 - $1,000 per amount of Users Plan: for a 3 month Subscription plan.
$75.00 to $1,000 per amount of Users Plan: for a 6 month Subscription plan.