Pure Collection

Pure Collection are renowned as the cashmere experts. Their ethos is all about offering beautifully styled apparel in the finest fabrics and at a sensible price. They use the best cashmere in the world and they select only the finest, longest fibers to bring you the softest sweaters you'll ever wear. Plus, they guarantee that all their cashmere is derived from a sustainable resource.

Featured Merchandise

Blouses, Shirts, Camisoles, Tops, Cardigans, Shrugs, Dresses, Outerwear, Mens, Pashminas, Skirts, Sweaters, and Pants.

Featured Cause

In addition to supporting your cause, this merchant allows you to support the Christina Noble Children's Foundation through the purchase of an Ultrafine Cashmere Wrap.


A donation of 2.5% is made for each purchase.