Luxury Lane

In 2006, husband and wife business partners Jessie and Ko Kiuchi founded Luxury Lane when they asked themselves why leather outerwear was so boring and uninteresting, yet so expensive! This prompted the founding of their first private label "BGSD" with which Jessie, the designer, would take classic styles and add functional and stylish cues. Ko, with his knowledge in manufacturing, took Jessie's creations and found ways to manufacture them at an affordable price without sacrificing quality of craftsmanship and preserving all of the stylish cues and details that Jessie had incorporated. "BGSD" was a success with customers looking for fashion timeless styles at an affordable price.8 years later, Jessie and her team continue to work with the same goal of designing and developing products that are mainstream but has style cues and functional improvements that can only be found at Luxury Lane.


A donation of 5% is made for each purchase.