JetBlue Getaways

Escape and save with JetBlue’s Getaways vacation packages.Take off to an exciting destination in the continental U.S., Bermuda, Mexico, the Caribbean, or Latin America with a Getaways vacation package. JetBlue Getaways is your ultimate one-stop-shop for planning a vacation. Gone are the days of checking site after site, hunting for the best prices on airfare, hotels, cars and more. You’ll get JetBlue flights, hotels, wheels, and more for one great price! When you book your vacation as a packaged deal, you save on both your airfare and your hotel versus booking separately. We work tirelessly with a number of top-rated hotels to secure the most impressive rates.


A donation of 1.5% will be made for each Vacation Package purchase.
Donations only made for Vacation Packages. All Flights do not earn a donation.
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