Henry and Belle

Inspired by Belle's confident character and chic sophistication, Henry designed each style with Belle as his muse. They always focused on the highest quality fabrics and finishes. As their success grew, so did their commitment to give back to their community. By wearing Henry & Belle jeans, you help raise awareness and funds for diverse issues they support in your local community.

Featured Styles

Ideal Ankle Skinny, Ideal Knee Short With Cuff, Ideal Skinny, Ideal Straight, Ideal Super Stretch Skinny, Ideal Super Stretch Skinny Ankle, New Cargo, Signature Bootcut, Signature Bootcut With Flap, Signature Skinny, Signature Straight, Signature Straight With Flap, and More.

Featured Causes

In addition to supporting your cause, with every purchase of Henry & Belle, a portion is set aside for charitable causes through their "Right Amount of Give" program. They allow you to support Breakthrough New York, Girls on the Run, Cystic Fibrosis, Every Mother Counts, Clothes for Souls, or other


A donation of 3% is made for each purchase.