With 25 years of cookware innovations, Circulon is a world-renowned brand of gourmet nonstick cookware engineered to make home cooking fast, easy, healthy and delicious. In 1985, Circulon revolutionized the industry by introducing the first hard anodized nonstick cookware. This unique approach combined the excellent heat distribution properties of hard anodized aluminum with the exceptional durability of a resilient nonstick. Plus, Circulon went one step farther by introducing the TOTAL® Food Release System, which includes a unique groove pattern on the cooking surface and the most advanced nonstick coating from DuPont™. Circulon’s technology is so unique that it garnered a patent from the U.S. government. Other firsts include making hard anodized nonstick cookware both dishwasher-safe and induction-suitable. This tradition on innovation continues to inspire the introduction of new Circulon cookware.


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