Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear Workshop is the leading and only global company that offers an interactive make-your-own stuffed animal retail-entertainment experience. Making a stuffed animal gift is a unique and fun experience. You can choose from over 30 teddy bears, bunnies, dogs and other stuffed animals to make. Then, give it a unique personality with hundreds of teddy bear sized outfits and teddy bear sized accessories, too. Plus, you can make THE perfect personalized gift by adding embroidery, a sound or even a message you record!

Featured Merchandise

Bears, Dogs, Cats, Zoo Friends, Bunnies, Wild Fury Animals, Wild Furry Friends, Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, Sounds, Personalized Gifts, Bear Tunes Music, and Gift Cards.


A donation of 3% is made for each purchase, excluding gift cards.