About We-Care.com

If you could donate a percentage of every online purchase you make to your favorite nonprofit, school, or association, would you do it?

Of course you would, and We-Care.com lets you do that, with more than 2700 online merchants. Just visit the Online Mall, use a coupon or a link to a merchant's site, and shop on their site as you normally would — a percentage is automatically donated to your cause. Better yet, install the We-Care Reminder for Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome. With the Reminder, your donations will count (even if you forget to visit the Online Mall). | Learn more about the Reminder.

We-Care.com works with everything.

Well, nearly everything. Our merchants include retail, travel, financial services, and quite a bit more. Book your flight and hotel. Rent a car. Shop for books. Apply for a mortgage. Buy furniture and household items. Send gifts. Search for apartments. Pick out a cellphone plan. Order web hosting and office supplies. Subscribe to magazines, newspapers, DVD services, and even satellite TV. You get the idea.

We provide customized co-branded marketplaces to nonprofits, schools, and associations.

We work with these causes to reach out to you, their supporters, and ask you one small favor: Add an extra click to your normal shopping and support your cause. That's what we mean by Shop with Purpose™.

Participation costs nothing for organizations, and there's no extra charge to you. Many merchants even offer us special deals that save you money.

If the cause you support has yet to participate, you can still add them to our database, so you and your friends can shop for them. But also contact your cause and ask them to be a part of We-Care.com, so they can take advantage of a custom marketplace and our support. | Nonprofits, Schools, and Associations: Learn More.

Make We-Care.com work for your cause.

We-Care.com isn't about making one big donation, nor is it trying to replace the donations you normally make. We-Care.com works best for organizations when lots of people participate frequently. So make it a habit every time you shop. Install the plug-in. Get others to do the same. Even get your business on board. Be a part of the We-Care.com Community, because together we make a difference.

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