In the wake of the worst shootings in the history of the United States at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, talk of LGBT rights have come to the current forefront of our news networks. Whether it is in the form of prayer, direct support for the families of the heinous event, or efforts to gain equality for the LGBT community, so many have stepped forth to show their pride. It is in the darkest of times that we all must come together as a united front for love and justice. As terrible as the events in Orlando were, the strength that emanates from the LGBT community and its supporters proves the power of love and unity in the face of hate.

This very strength is what LGBT Pride is all about. June marks LGBT Pride month. Now, more than ever, we at seek to end injustice and gain equality. So what started the movement for LGBT Pride and how can we each participate?

It was a show of prejudice on June 28, 1969 that would inspire a social justice movement that continues today. It was on this particular date that the Stonewall Riots took hold of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood. On that evening, a police raid at the Mafia owned gay bar, the Stonewall Inn, resulted in an outbreak of homophobic violence. This disastrous act of corruption and police brutality would become the keystone of today’s LGBT Movement.

So the question becomes, why should the LGBT Movement’s ideology be a focal point? Aside from the importance of the cause, June marks LGBT Pride Month. It is in honor of the events in 1969 that LGBT Pride falls in June. Here at, we are proud to support excellent LGBT charities such as the Matthew Shepard Foundation, Rainbow Serenity, and Youth Break Out. It is this month that we raise our rainbow flag to show support for the movement.

Inspired by the Civil Rights Movement, those at Stonewall would come to create the foundation of the LGBT rise against injustice. The fight for equality continues and invites you to join. From San Francisco to Austin to New York City, Pride Marches will line the streets as a proclamation of self-love. No longer is the pervasive message one of “don’t ask, don’t tell”. Slowly but surely, beautiful charities and organizations are making grand strides in the struggle for LGBT rights.

So how can you have your pride shine this month? Gay, straight, trans or bisexual, we can all contribute to the movement for equality in small and big ways. Whether it’s joining a local pride march in your city or shopping online in support of organizations working to secure equality for the LGBT community, you can make a difference. Now more than ever, in the wake of the tragedy gripping Orlando, supporters must join together to create a united front. Raise your voice in a celebration of awareness and unity this June as we all celebrate LGBT Pride!