Your partner deserves more than some cheap chocolates from the gas station. Even though you’re shopping last minute, there are plenty of decent last-minute gifts available, all of which will say, “I’m a thoughtful, caring, and totally prepared partner!”

The Classics: Flowers, Chocolates, and Stuffed Animals

Same-Day Valentine's Gift Delivery

A beautiful bouquet of flowers is a classic Valentine’s Day gift, and no woman will ever be upset about receiving them. It doesn’t matter if you made the purchase today or a month ago. All that matters is that the gift is received on time. At 1-800-Flowers, you can have the most popular flowers, from roses to orchids, delivered right to her door. In addition, you can add chocolates, stuffed animals, balloons, and other gift enhancements.

In order to get same-day delivery, here are the cutoffs:

A Much-Needed House Cleaning

Book a Cleaning

Can you remember the last time all of the beds were made or house was entirely clean? Imagine taking your partner out for a date, and when he or she returns, the home is sparkling. For couples who have dated or have been married for a long time, this may be the ultimate gift.

Unlimited Entertainment

The Netflix of Everything Membership

Playster is the “Netflix of Everything”. They offer unlimited movies, games, music, books, and more in just one subscription. It’s free to try for the first month, but you can choose a one-year contract so that your partner has all of the entertainment he or she will need for the next 365 days.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Gourmet Monthly or Annual Membership

With, the recipient can experience and learn about gourmet artisanal products from boutique wineries, craft breweries, family-owned farmhouses, and other specialized locations from around the world.

When you give an ongoing gourmet membership, the anticipation is a gift in itself. You can ship it monthly, every other month, quarterly, or even on specific months that are meaningful to your relationship. You can also choose a specific club or combine different clubs to personalize the experience. Your partner never has to know if this was decided last minute — even if you purchase it the night before, you can plan ahead to have the email sent on Valentine’s Day. You can also choose to print the gift and seal it in a fancy envelope.

A Day at the Spa

Day at the Spa gift

Treat your partner to a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, haircut, yoga class, acupuncture, and more! With Spafinder, you can print or email a gift certificate for a relaxing experience. Just type in the activity you’re looking for, or your zip code, and they can help you from there. If you can’t decide, simply put in an amount you’d like to give and your partner can decide what he or she wants to do.

Experiences of a Lifetime

Looking for more ideas? Here are additional suggestions that don’t require postage: