We can be like robots in the mornings, going through the routine with our eyes closed (literally, in some cases). That is until we get our cup of morning Joe. Those minutes leading up to that delicious, eye opening cup can feel like centuries… unless you go to 17-year-old Sam’s Starbucks.

On January 22, Carly Fleischmann of Toronto, Canada posted on Facebook to let the world know about him:

Carly Fleischmann status about Sam from Starbucks
Autism Awareness

Here’s a look at the video and Sam’s moves!

When we saw the joy that visitors to this Starbucks got to experience, we just had to share it with our readers. After all, it’s a pretty great way to handle the daily grind.

In a statement, Sam said that “people with autism do not want to be looked at with sympathy,” And he urges people to “please, please, please keep an open mind about what people with special needs can do.” He’s determined to have businesses open up more opportunities for people with special needs. And we think this is a great way to encourage that!

Keep up with those extra bold moves, Sam!