It’s the holiday season, so I felt the need to remind our followers that wouldn’t be able to do all of the amazing things that it does without you. Sure, we’ve got over 2,700 brands partnered with us to support 900 unbelievable charities, but if you weren’t using We-Care when planning your holiday travel, buying your holiday party dress, getting your partner’s “this will make his jaw drop” gift, and getting that toy that will keep your child entertained for all of 8 minutes (until they hear that their best friend got the even MORE perfect toy for Christmas!), we wouldn’t be able to support disaster relief efforts, provide food for those less fortunate, provide services like interview prep, legal services, and more for those who simply don’t have the means. We wouldn’t be able to educate communities about sun protection, bullying, and what they can do to make a safer future for our children, offer alternatives like education and safety for victims in the sex trade, move medical research forward to develop cures for cancer and AIDS, and support families that spend everyday living with SMA, Autism, and ALS. If you’re not using We-Care, you’re not using the easiest (and most free) donation tool around.

So come all ye, and help us turn this holiday season into one that belongs in a cheesy holiday movie that we HAVE to watch every year. If we can all come together and support charity while we shop at 2,700 online stores, we can do something pretty amazing.