Stocking stuffers don’t have to be ho-hum. In fact, some of the best gifts come in the smallest packages! Check out the suggestions below, and we’ll help you tackle everyone your list.

Christmas Lights iPhone Charger

DCI Merry Charger
Christmas Lights iPhone Charger

Kids (and adults) often forget their chargers somewhere, create rips in them from excessive use, or need spares for trips. With that in mind, you can never have too many of them! This festive phone charger is a friendly gift that you know will be thoroughly utilized. It’s compatible with the iPhone 5/5s, 6/6s, and 6/6s Plus. It is also compatible with all verisons of the iPad mini, Air, and Pro. The cable is 46 inches long, which is slightly longer than the default cable that is given with these Apple devices.

Ideal for:

  • The teens and tweens who are always on their phone
  • The college student who needs a charger at home and in the dorm
  • Multiple cousins, nieces, nephews, and grandkids that you want to please (without picking favorites)

Customizable Cookie Stamp

Gift for the Baker
Customizable Cookie Stamper

This special cookie stamp allows the user to pick out letters, so there’s a ton of room for creativity. The baker can leave his or her trademark, write the names of each family member, or come up with silly messages.

Ideal for:

  • Anyone who loves to bake!
  • Likely contenders: your mom, mother-in-law, grandma, aunt, wife, girlfriend, sister, sister-in-law

Mute Button Pacifier

Toys R Us Big Mouth Toys Mute Button Pacifier
Mute Button Pacifier

Parents often joke that they wish their infants had a remote to lower the volume of their crying. This online-only gift will provide some relief for everyone’s ears while also putting a smile on everyone’s face.

Ideal for:

  • The new mom or new dad
  • The baby!

Gift Card Mazes

The Lakeside Collection Gift Card Puzzle
Set of 3 Gift Card Mazes

Gift cards are popular for a reason. If you know someone’s favorite store, great, they will love cash or a card to shop there. However, after a few years in a row of the same thing, you’ll probably want to add something a little different.

This year, you can put the gift cards, cash, or lotto tickets inside of a maze! You can purchase them online in a pack of 3. Each one has a puzzle that unlocks the gift once it is solved.

Ideal for:

  • The teenage boy or girl who never likes what you pick out
  • The dad, grandpa, husband, or boyfriend who says, “don’t get me anything”
  • The people who deserve a gift, but you have no idea what to get them (possibly your uncle, brother, or brother-in-law)

Personalized Artwork Necklace

Etsy Personalized Your Child's Artwork on Fine Silver Pendant Made to Order
Customized Child’s Art Necklace

Kids won’t stay young forever, but at least you can preserve his or her artwork into jewelry. Diamonds and other beautiful jewelry certainly aren’t things to complain about, but a necklace like this will really make a proud lady melt.

Ideal for:

  • A loving mother, grandma, or aunt
  • The child who drew the picture
  • A caregiver such as a babysitter or nanny who also adores spending time with your child

Candy Cane Tea Infuser

Sears DCI Candy Cane Tea Infuser
Candy Cane Tea Infuser

On Christmas morning, your recipient can have a very merry cup of tea with this candy cane style infuser. Consider adding a pack of loose peppermint tea into the stocking as well to make it extra festive.

Ideal for:

  • Your mom, mother-in-law, grandma, aunt, sister, or sister-in-law
  • Anyone who likes tea!

Selfie Snap Remote Shutter + Stand

Bed Bath & Beyond Smartphone Shutter
Selfie Snap Remote Shutter

Forget the selfie sticks: you can use something that’s much more discrete and easier to carry around. The selfie shutter allows you to take pictures of yourself up to 10 feet away from your smartphone. It also comes with a phone stand to keep the image stable, as well as a free app to help you take the best shots. The remote shutter is available in 4 colors: green, pink, black, and white.

Ideal for:

  • People who clutter your Facebook and Instagram feed with pictures of themselves
  • Anyone with a social media account, because let’s face it, we all take pictures of ourselves
  • More specifically, here’s who would likely appreciate this gift the most: a teen, tween, college student, twenty-something, wife, girlfriend, sister, sister-in-law, mom

Personalized Coloring T-Shirt

Etsy Customized Color-In TShirt
Personalized Coloring T-Shirt

As you know, kids tend to have a favorite cartoon character and want everything they own to include that character. From pens to dolls to stickers to socks, as long as it has the character, he or she will be thrilled. You might think it’s redundant to have 30 shirts with Elsa or Minions, but chances are, your child disagrees.

This shirt takes that fandom one step further and makes the gift exponentially better because now your child can color it in! He or she may not be the best at coloring in the lines, but hey, all of the kids at school will compliment this shirt anyway.

Ideal for:

  • Toddlers and kids who love coloring and cartoons
  • Sons, daughters, granddaughters, grandsons, nieces, and nephews who wear sizes 2T to adult small