In case you were unaware, calories don’t count during the holiday season. Now is the perfect time to give someone guilt-free permission to indulge in his or her favorite treats. Whether you want your boss to put you on the “nice list”, show your mom you’re thinking of her, or tell your husband you appreciate him, delectable gift baskets are universally enjoyable gifts.

Indulgent Holiday Chocolates Sleigh Christmas Chocolate Sleigh

A Sleigh Full of Chocolate

This sleigh holds a chocolate lover’s dream. Everything inside includes chocolates from the best brands: Lindt, Godiva, Harry London, and Ghirardelli. Your recipient can “warm up” to the basket with the creamy, delicate, hot white mocha drink. Next, he or she can continue the white chocolate route with some lucious Godiva truffles, or instead fulfill a milk chocolate craving with some Gudrun truffles. For a bit of a savory contrast, your recipient can take a bite into the Harry London caramel-filled milk chocolate bar. The choco-tastic journey continues with a must-have assortment of Lindt truffles, providing the perfect combination of quality and variety. Lastly, if I were the recipient, I would finish off with my favorite: dark chocolate covered Graham crackers.

Your recipient might not follow that exact order, but that’s how I pictured it in my own hungry daydream. In this instance, I believe that chocolate is a perfectly acceptable meal option. If your recipient is a chocolate lover, he or she might agree, but don’t expect anyone to admit that. Just know that the gift will be thoroughly enjoyed.

Chanukah Popcorn Gift
Happy Hanukkah Popcorn Tins

Pop! Goes the Dreidel

Basically nothing is more unhealthy than latkes, but has that ever stopped anyone? Well, it’s possible. But you already know to get that person a fruit basket.

For 8 nights of popcorn paradise, you can treat your recipient to this Hanukkah-festive tin. The flavors inside include classic butter, cheese, caramel, and white cheddar. If you’re uncertain as to whether or not your recipient is Kosher (or what that word even means), don’t worry, these gifts are good-to-go! The “small” size includes a 2-gallon tin filled with 32 cups of popcorn. For $5 more, you can get the large 3.5 gallon tin which holds a whopping 56 cups! This year, instead of Gelt, dreidels might be spinning for popcorn instead.

Collector's Edition Snow Owl Cookie Jar
Nondenominational Holiday Gift: Owl Cookie Jar

These Cookies Might Not Be for Santa

Not sure which holiday your recipient celebrates? This winter-friendly gift can be appreciated by all cookie lovers, regardless of their religious beliefs. The owl is crafted from high quality ceramic and hand painted with a glossy finish. Inside, there are 12 heavenly buttercream cookies, including two new flavors: frosted cranberry orange and German chocolate pecan. Classic favorites such as butter pecan, mocha latte, and salty caramel can also be found in the jar.

Once the cookies are eaten up, the cookie jar is still a great keepsake throughout the winter season–even past the holidays!

Create Your Own Gift Tower, 2lb. 1oz.
Fannie May Design A Gift Tower

Create Your Own Gift Tower

If you know your recipient well, why not pick out what he or she likes best? This gift tower from Fannie May allows you to choose chocolaty options for each tier, including Pixies, Mint Meltaways, and Trinidads. The Pixie is Fannie May’s most popular candy, which has been adored by customers since 1946. It includes a combination of smooth caramel and crunchy pecans immersed in chocolate. Mint Meltaways are one of their best-sellers, which has just the right amount of freshness in each bite. The Trinidad is another Fannie May original, which includes delicious layers of creamy, rich dark chocolate covered in white pastel and carefully dusted with toasted coconuts.

Wolferman's Holiday Gift Chest of Goodies
Holiday Treasure Chest Gift

The Tasty Treasure Chest

If you’re showing up at a holiday party and really want to “wow” the crowd, or you want to mail over something that’s big enough to feed a whole family, this gift is more than just your average basket–it’s a whole trunk! Crafted from solid wood and stained with rich mahogany, the chest is already impressive before anyone sees what’s inside (although the picture above is a bit of a spoiler).

First things first: your recipients must try Wolferman’s English muffins! The original 1910 recipe mini English Muffins are a classic, as well as two other signature English Muffin styles: cranberry citrus and cinnamon raisin. Next, your recipients will want to grab the hot kettle for some Harry & David Christmas blend whole bean coffee, rooibos red tea, or dark chocolate cocoa. If this is intended for Christmas Day, they’ll probably want to cut into the Grand Traditional Fruitcake, which is a solid 2 pounds. If they haven’t entered a food coma just yet, they can try out some dark chocolate or apple cranberry scones. Once some time has passed and their stomachs have forgiven them for challenging their limits, your recipients can move onto some peppermint goodies, which include white chocolate-covered grahams and dark chocolate cookies. Lastly, there is some fruit and berry bread, honey crème, and strawberry rhubarb preserves. Or, if I’m being really specific, the last step is to take a nap.

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