Do you know a guy who’s a bit stubborn about seeing a doctor (possibly yourself)? Well, this month, men everywhere are growing hair under their noses to raise awareness for men’s health issues. If you can grow a mustache, ditch the razor and join the movement this month! If not, check out the trendy gifts below to show your support (or just check them out regardless of your facial hair situation). Mustache Poster
Mustache Styles Giclee Print

I “mustache” you a question: do you know how many mustache styles there are? In one artwork, you can see the names of all of the popular styles written into the shape of a mustache. It doesn’t get any more mustachier than that.

This print starts at $14.99, but you can make it even fancier with canvas or a frame.

Mustache Drink Markers
World Market BeerMo Drink Markers

Mustaches? Stylish. Accidentally taking a sip out of someone else’s drink? Not stylish.

Add some vogue and mark your territory with a pack of 6 colored mustaches. You’ll host a memorable (and germ-free) party with plenty of Instagram pictures to prove your success.

 DENY Designs Mustache Mania Lightweight Duvet Cover
Target Moustache Duvet

You might not be able to grow a real mustache, but at least you can find a duvet filled with the most colorful mustaches in all of the land. Hold it close and maybe you’ll even dream about flowery and lace mustaches like the ones shown on your duvet.

Sheffield Home Mustache Chalkboard Wall Decor
Kohl’s Moustache chalk board

Looking at a typical chalkboard full of grocery lists and reminders can be stressful. Fortunately, this one will make you laugh every time, even if the chores are just as boring.

Moustache Band Aids

In this tin, you’ll find 15 dapper latex-free bandages. You can become the first of your friends to “grow” a mustache on your elbow or knee. Even better, it comes with a free prize!

Kikkerland Gentleman's Wall Clock
Bed Bath and Beyond Mustache Beard clock

It’s facial hair o’clock somewhere. From the Hipster (3:00) to the Chopper (4:00) and beyond, every manly face will be thrilled to let you know what time it is.

Men's Christmastache T-Shirt Men’s Christmas Mustache Shirt
Women's Christmastache T-Shirt Women’s Christmas Mustache Shirt

Celebrate mustaches all holiday season long with this mustache Christmas tree design! Piled up staches never looked so wonderful as they do right now.

Get the women’s shirt >>

Buy Buy Baby Mustache Pacifier

Prepare your little one for some possible facial hair in the future with any of three mustache styles: The Gentleman, The Cowboy, or The Ladies Man. In case you weren’t taking enough pictures of your child on a daily basis (only 100 per hour), well, these little suckers will inspire you to take even more. I’m not a pacifier expert, but I’m pretty sure that these “Mustachifiers” are the best ones to ever exist.

Please note that prices and availability may change over time.

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