Don’t you hate people who say they hate cats? I’m convinced that most of the so-called “cat haters” out there actually spend their Saturday nights in sweatpants watching cat YouTube videos. Maybe cats sometimes need a little time opening up, but the same goes for humans. Once a cat is ready to give you his or her attention, it’s FUR REAL.

It’s time that we stop saying “crazy cat person” like it’s a bad thing–what’s wrong with loving an adorable, affectionate little animal? No one makes fun of dog lovers! If you love your cat and you’re not afraid to show it, here are 9 gifts that will make your day. Michael Showalter's Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too
Guys Can be Cat Ladies Too Book By Abrams

Let’s get one thing clear–cats aren’t only pets for women! He may not know it yet, but he’s going to become a cat lover as well with the help of this book.

ThinkGeek Plush Kitten Bouquet
Cat Bouquet

Pop quiz! It’s Valentine’s Day, and you need a gift for your favorite cat lover. What do you get this person?

A. Flowers

B. Chocolates


I think the answer is pretty clear here. If there’s an option to give your significant other a bouquet of cats, why wouldn’t you take this opportunity? The only thing more romantic than a cat bouquet is a dead rat by the footsteps. Oh wait, you’re not dating an actual cat…

3 Colors Cute Cat Lion Hat Cat Collar with Ears Shaped Pet Headgear Hat for Small Cats /lion mane hat / costume for cat lion
Cat Lion Costume

For some reason, cat costumes are really difficult to find, but this lion mane (available in 3 colors) is definitely one of the cutest available. Even if it’s not Halloween, do you really need an excuse to dress yours up like a lion? I didn’t think so.

Pet Smart Kitty Mansions Mini Amazon Cat Tree
Jungle Cat Tree

Tired of your cat scratching on the couch, jumping on counters, and hiding under your bed? This cat tree offers all of the necessary alternatives without ruining any of your furniture. It also happens to look great with a lion mane costume. Cat Silhouette Cat Shelves Gaze
Cat Shelves

If the jungle cat tree is a little too out there for you, these shelves (available in multiple colors) are a more subtle option for your feline friends. You can use these as actual shelves, but chances are, if you don’t put anything on them right away, your cats will put themselves there instead.

Uncommon Goods Cardboard Model P-47 Cat House
Airplane Cat Home

Can we pretend that cat planes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a cat right now, cat right now, cat right meoooowww…

2Pieces/Set Car Gadgets Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal / Cat Tail Car Decal
Cat Car Decal Sticker

Rainy days create traffic, and traffic creates frustrated drivers. Use this opportunity to cheer up a stranger with a silly cat decal that looks like it’s moving its tail. This item comes with 2 faces (happy and grumpy) as well as 4 tails, so you can decorate MULTIPLE cars with cats. Dump Him Marry the Cat Funny Book
Dump Him, Marry the Cat! (Hardcover)

Prepare for 92 pages of fun! It is totally normal and not taking the cat thing too far at all. This book is not sold in stores because no one wants to admit in public how true it is. Cat Ears Brainwave Emotion Controlled Parties Fun Gift Costume Cosplay Necomimi
Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears

We’ve been adoring cats since the ancient Egyptian times, so now it’s time to take that love to the 21st century. The Necomimi includes battery-operated ears that react based on your brainwaves and emotions. If you’ve ever wished you could actually be a cat, this product will bring you one step closer to that dream.

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