On August 29, 2015, the nation will commemorate the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The category five hurricane, which devastated the South and claimed close to 2,000 lives, is noted as the costliest natural disaster in the history of the United States. As we take time to celebrate New Orleans’ progress, we must advocate that there is still much work to be done. Throughout the month of August many of our merchant and nonprofit partners have campaigned to bring relief to the Gulf Coast region. We’ve highlighted their work below and provided some easy (and FREE) ways that you can contribute to their efforts.

Marriott | On August 25, the New Orleans branch of Habitat for Humanity and about 50 employees from local Marriott hotels built a new 1,500 square foot home in Hollygrove on Eagle Street. The owner of this newly furbished double shotgun is also a graduate from one of our trusted nonprofit partners, Covenant House, “Rights of Passage” program. Every purchase that you make at Marriott can help organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Covenant House continue to help individuals that are still in need of housing in the affected areas.

Direct Relief USA | Direct Relief USA continues to provide assistance to clinics, health centers, and social services in the Gulf States. Since 2005, more than $85 million in medical aid had been delivered to over 200 facilities throughout the affected region. In addition to shopping in support of Direct Relief, you can learn more about their Katrina relief efforts here.

Save the Children | Earlier this week, Save the Children hosted an emergency preparedness event for families at Kingsley House in New Orleans with a little help from Lassie. That’s right, America’s beloved collie dog! The Prep Rally educated children and their families on how to prepare and stay safe during disasters. In addition to shopping in support of Save the Children through We-Care.com, you can learn about other ways to help Save the Children’s Katrina relief programs here.

BreakOUT! | Among the many organizations striving for a just recovery from Hurricane Katrina is BreakOUT! Through a number of K10 Action Week events, the organization is working vigorously to bring to light current issues like the hunreds of thousands of marginalized minority groups, specifically those of the LGBTQ community, that are still misplaced due to Katrina. In addition to shopping in support of BreakOUT!, you can learn more about their efforts here.