Team We-Care is still running high on endorphins and adrenaline as they wrap up the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles, California. Not only did Chavez and Natalia compete in multiple athletic and aquatic events this week, both athletes raked in gold medals! Rock on all-stars!

Chavez Lamy


Chavez Lamy of Trinidad and Tobago competed in a total of three aquatic events at the World Games including the 4×25 Freestyle Relay, 25M Backstroke, and 50M Freestyle. Lamy swam his way to the top of the podium in the 25M Backstroke where he earned gold, and also received a fourth place ribbon for placing in the 50M Freestlye. On Monday, Lamy received a special shout out from his home country’s Prime Minister (aka #PrimeFan) , Kamla Bissessar, congratulating him and his teammates on their wins.

Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago congratulating the TnT gold medalists
Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago congratulating the TnT gold medalists.
Trinidad and Tobago's 2015 World Games Aquatics Team
Trinidad and Tobago’s 2015 World Games Aquatics Team.

Natalia Marquez


Team We-Care’s second competitor, Natalia Marquez of Puerto Rico, competed in two athletic events at the World Games. Earlier this week, Mayra Orriola Serrano, Natalia’s mother, said, “I know Natalia will give her best and that’s what gives me confidence.” Marquez did just that. She impressed in both the 25M Run and the 50M Run where she collected a gold medal and a fourth place ribbon. Not only did she place, Natalia improved her personal bests in both the 25 and 50 meters races.


OK, so… what’s next for Chavez and Natalia?! We will all have to wait and see. Whatever it is, we’re sure there will be more games in both of their futures. It’s for the love of the game that all of these athletes participate, and for their passion towards the games that we will continue to watch. It has been an honor to be a part of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games, and will absolutely stand as a highlight of’s summer.