Have you ever felt that you wanted to do more for charity but lacked the means to do so? Swedish mobile development company Apporama may have just the solution for you in their recently launched app called simply “The Charity App”.

Charity made simple

For you who are keen to do charity but are under constraint budget, there is an alternative. Most of us own a smart phone. With the smart phone, we can actually do more useful things other than using it for communication, shopping and entertainment. All you need to do is just watch advertisements shown in the mobile app. The revenue of every ad that you watch will be donated to the charity.

The AbleGamers Charity

Each month a new organization is selected and for the remainder of June and July Apporama is supporting The Able Gamers Charity. AbleGamers is a nonprofit organization that empowers children, adults, and veterans with disabilities through the power of videogames. AbleGamers holds the largest community for gamers with disabilities found anywhere in the world.

Help others with a Sweedish-based smartphone app
Apporama Charity

By spending just a couple of minutes per day using this app, you can actually make a big difference, and all it costs you is a little bit of your time. You can do this anytime and anywhere. The Charity App can be downloaded at http://goo.gl/zeGJ73

If you have a suggestion for a charity organization that you think should be supported in an upcoming fundraising month, just contact Apporama at charity@apporama.se.