On April 25, centered in the village of Barpak, Gorkha district, a devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake shattered Nepal and surrounding countries. In the following weeks, upwards of 7,500 lives were lost to the rumble and subsequent mudslides and avalanches. Entire communities were wiped out and tens of thousands of men, women and children were displaced, finding themselves utterly homeless and nearly helpless.

Relief efforts from around the world were immediate, but so much damage occurred that more is still needed. Over 14,000 people were injured, with nearly 200,000 homes lost in the destruction, all before a second earthquake hit the area again.

That 7.3 magnitude aftershock left more than an additional 200 dead and 2,500 injured. The reparation of villages from China to Nepal to India are a large undertaking, and one that renders timely action. The widespread destruction and chaos has not only destroyed homes, but is expected to cause an exponential rise in personal safety measures, especially for young women and girls. While it seems like the world has moved on, Nepal’s reconstruction is only just beginning.

There are some indivuduals — like Khusi Hona founder Matthew van Rooyen — who are truly making a difference in relief efforts. Van Rooyen and his team jetted to Nepal almost immediately after disaster struck. After gathering and assessing available supplies, meeting with medical teams and surveying the damage, van Rooyen and company have spent their days braving treacherous landscape and dangerous aftershocks to rebuild many communities, many of which are so small and intimate, they may be overlooked by larger nonprofits.

We-Care.com was honored to hear directly from van Rooyen about their progress overseas. Khusi Hona volunteers were so passionate about their rescue efforts that they twice extended their stay by several weeks — once after the first quake, and again following the second — ensuring optimum assistance for those in need by keeping their boots on the ground as long as possible.

Upon learning about the grueling hours and hard work ahead of them, We-Care.com — like the rest of the Western world — immediately tried to think of how to help.

We banded together with a few of our most philanthropic merchants to continue raising awareness and rebuild Nepal, even from halfway across the world. In conjunction with our partners, any time you shop online, a portion of whatever you spend will be donated to Nepal earthquake relief at no extra cost to you, making giving back as easy as clicking a button from the safety of your sofa.


Pelican Water

Pelican Water provides eco-friendly water softeners and filters to your home. From tap water to well water to shower water, they ensure your home is equipped with H2O that is safe for consumption on all levels. In the wake of Nepal, ensuring the safety of your family with Pelican Water will help create secure sustenance in Nepal.



Torrid doesn’t just provide the latest fashions for teens and women of all sizes now. The nationwide brand known for their communication with their consumers is going global with this new effort. Whether its clothing or accessories, any purchase at Torrid made through us can provide basic necessities globally, giving the citizens of Nepal access to everything from clothing to shelter to medical attention.


Pottery Barn

Thanks to Pottery Barn, furnishing your home can help create shelter for the thousands of displaced families in Nepal. What might seem like a simple home décor purchase to you can be the make or break difference to those left homeless in Nepal. Every purchase has the opportunity to put a roof over someone’s head.


American Airlines

You may not be able to physically get out to Nepal and contribute in person to the rebuilding efforts, but American Airlines is offering the chance to put your miles to use regardless. From here to Timbuktu, each AA booking enables more nonprofit volunteers to get on their own plane and assuage the damage done by both earthquakes.


Ulla Popken

This plus-size women’s fashion retailer with a long and rich family history is helping you pay it forward with every purchase. From sleepwear to fashion forward dresses, a portion of whatever you spend online at Ulla Popken will be donated, at no additional cost to you, to Nepal relief efforts, clothing and sustaining the women, men and children who need it most.


Pier 1 Imports

It turns out the candles and incense have a greater effect that you think. In fact, all of Pier 1 Import’s purchases (not limited to new age décor, of course) will provide essential items for survival to Nepal earthquake victims, relieving pressure and ensuring fundamental supplies make it to relief areas.



More than one month has passed since the first earthquake struck Nepal, but aid is more necessary than ever. Shopping online at Nordstrom will directly and positively affect change overseas. By joining We-Care.com and Nordstrom, you have the chance to put a smile back on someone’s face in the wake of tragedy.

We have the chance to provide medical aid, clean water, food, clothing and shelter to the thousands who suddenly found themselves homeless on April 25, all with just the click of a button.

All photos courtesy of We-Care.com nonprofit partner Khusi Hona/Matthew von Rooyen. They are real-world depictions of Nepal and the actual outreach currently being made by the nonprofit partner. Joining We-Care.com and partners Pelican Water, Torrid, Pottery Barn, American Airlines, Ulla Popken, Pier 1 Imports and Nordstrom will support these people and the efforts seen above.

Stephanie Sharlow is a Marketing Coordinator for We-Care.com, building relationships with media professionals to share the incredible stories of the 800+ nonprofits that We-Care.com supports. She has always been dedicated to giving back, even founding a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for suicide prevention and awareness based out of her alma mater in 2011. Stephanie is a Media Fellow graduate of DePauw University, and lives in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @StephSharlow.