When the word “cleanse” is uttered, many minds gravitate towards the same thing…


I know mine does. It turns out that juices and cleanses are not mutually exclusive, though, and with beach season a mere few weeks away, it’s probably about time we stop telling you to eat cookie after cookie (sorry not sorry).

In fact, we’re going to put our money where our mouth is — or at least try. On April 20, many of us at We-Care.com will join Gaiam TV in their 14-Day Clean Eating and Yoga Challenge, and we’d like you to join us!

So why exactly should you put down the french fries and plug in your blender?

The 14-Day Clean Eating Challenge, aptly named The Conscious Cleanse, is all about detoxifying your body safely and healthily. No strictly liquid diets over here.

The human body is an amazingly complex entity, and we are naturally equipped with organs whose sole purpose is to continually detox the body (hi, liver and kidneys!) For the most part, they do an amazing job. That being said, you know how the saying goes: You are what you eat, and putting too much of a bad thing (processed food, chemicals and alcohol, to name a few) can be a bad thing, and overwork our poor liver.

Everyone deserves a day off.
Everyone deserves a day off.

This is where a cleanse comes in. Within the 14 days, we’ll slowly cut out processed foods, caffeine, alcohol and other ingredients such as soy (which contains a high level of estrogen and can inhibit your thyroid from working properly). Our office will track our progress and provide you with some extra tools — from cool recipes to suggestions for yoga gear to a Coffee Addicts Support Group. Together, we’ll reap the rewards of detoxifying by boosting our energy naturally, building stronger immune systems and focusing our bodies and minds.

Now is the perfect time to spring clean every aspect of your life, so why not start with your body? Click over to Gaiam TV to learn more about The Conscious Cleanse, and we’ll see you in the kitchen on April 20!