As you know, Seders can be quite long, which means your child may get a bit fidgety at the table. In my opinion, the best way to keep your child engaged (while sitting still) is through toys, books, and other educational play. Below, I’ve listed my favorite suggestions, all of which donate a portion of the sale to the charity of your choice, at no extra cost to you (learn about how it works here)!

Ultimate Sticker Book: Passover

One of the best ways to keep a child engaged (and quiet!) at the table is through this sticker book. Each sticker inside includes an important message about Passover. The book is very thin, so it’s easy to pack if you plan on traveling. It’s also inexpensive, so even if your child uses all of the stickers up, you can easily replace it next year.

KidKraft Passover Set

The KidKraft Passover set is one of the most popular Passover toys, and it’s sold out at most major retailers. Fortunately, it’s currently still available at Sears. The set can be used to teach children about the meanings of the food on the Seder plate, the purpose of the Kiddush cup, and even practice finding the Afikomen.

Grover and Big Bird's Passover Celebration

You can get your kids excited about Passover by telling the story with their favorite Sesame Street characters! In the story, Big Bird and Grover perform various mitzvahs (“good deeds”) before heading over to the Passover Seder.

KidKraft Wooden Judaic Holiday Puzzle Set

You can prepare for some of the most popular Jewish holidays with this puzzle set, which includes boards for Passover, Rosh Hashana, Chanukah, and Shabbat. You can use each puzzle to educate (or refresh the memory) of your child before each holiday or keep the spirit alive throughout longer holidays (such as Passover or Chanukah).

Passover Haggadah in Another Dimension

You can spice up your Seder with this attention-grabbing book which tells the story of the Haggadah in 3D! Children and adults alike will love putting on the 3D glasses and learning about Passover.

Alef Judaica Inc. PYR1001

This magnetic pyramid tells the story of the Ten Plagues in Egypt. You can use it as an interactive learning tool during the Seder to keep your child focused and interested.