You can put a bag of carrots into a basket and try to convince your kids that the Easter Bunny wanted them to have some, but that won’t work if candy is available. Instead, you can get them just as excited (without the sugar rush) with these 7 filler suggestions.

Easter Fun! Personalized Coloring Activity Book & Crayon Set

Idea #1: Personalized Coloring Book

Most kids love coloring books, but yours will feel extra special with this one. Your child’s name is printed right on the cover, and it repeats throughout the book! Children with unique names or rare spellings will be happy to have something they can relate to, but even kids with regular ‘ole names will think this gift is one in a million.

Crayola Washable Tri-Color Markers

Idea #2: Whimsical Markers

Do you have the kind of kid who draws people with blue skin, orange eyes, and purple hair? Well, you obviously have a future Picasso on your hands. You can continue to support and expand your child’s creativity with these multicolor markers. Each one has 3 tips with 3 different colors, so the pack has a total of 15 colors.

Easter Magnetic Dress-Up

Idea #3: Dress-Up Magnets

Put these bunnies into their Sunday’s best by mixing and matching various hats, shoes, shorts, dresses, and more! The set includes 48 festive pieces that can be displayed on a refrigerator or any other magnetic surface.

Sunflower Seeds from American Meadows

Idea #4: Seeds

As you know, once the weather starts warming up, parents (and other caretakers) constantly look for ways to get the kids outside. So, in addition to bikes, balls, skates, and ropes, you can add seeds to the list. You can make salads more fun by planting your own vegetables, or make your backyard more beautiful with flowers. It’s a great family activity, and maintaining the plants teaches your children about responsibility.

Mollie Ladybug 3-in-1 Bubble Wand

Idea #5: Bubbles

I have yet to meet a child who isn’t completely and utterly fascinated by bubbles. You certainly won’t let a little one down with this toy packed in the basket. This special ladybug has three different shaped wands, each of which can be folded away when it’s not in use.

 Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs

Idea #6: Easter Mad Libs

As the family waits for the ham to cook, they can pass the time by playing a few rounds of Mad Libs together. Each story contains blank spaces that need to be filled with verbs, adjectives, nouns, and other parts of speech. Only the person who writes everything down can see the story…until the end when everything is revealed.

 Tower of Bunnies

Idea #7: Tower of Bunnies

Similar to Jenga, this Tower of Bunnies is always one piece away from collapsing. Here’s how to play: first, pile up the bunnies in a random order, and then roll the die. The die will show you the color of the bunny that you have to take away. Next, use the provided carrot hook to remove the colorful rabbit. Keep playing until they all fall down! It’s a great game to play for big families because you can have an unlimited number of players and an engaged audience.