Has your daughter (or beloved little one) sung “Let it Go” so many times that you started calling her Elsa by accident? Does she insist on naming her pets, stuffed animals, or other inanimate objects Olaf? Well, if she hasn’t already told you 15 times that she wants a Frozen birthday party, you’ve probably figured it out by now.

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Disney Frozen Invitations

With these cool invitations, the birthday girl’s friends will be just as excited about the party as she is. You can get a pack on its own for $3.99, or get a invitation/thank you combo pack for $5.99 and save even more.


 Girl's Frozen Elsa Deluxe Costume
Toddler Frozen's Olaf Deluxe Costume
Girl's Frozen Anna Deluxe Costume
Disney Frozen's Anna Coronation Gown Deluxe Girl's Costume

By now, you probably know your child’s favorite character in the movie. As the birthday girl, she should get first dibs on the costume, but then her siblings or best friends could dress up as the other characters. If you have a lot of kids coming, you can hand out crowns to ensure that everyone feels involved.


White 16

These cute hanging decorations look just like snowflakes, so even after the party is over, you can leave these up if she has a winter birthday.

Snowflake Balloon
Round Snowflake Balloon

Every child’s party needs balloons, and as you’d imagine, there are tons of different Frozen balloons available. However, after a certain point, you can only have so many different Elsa decorations staring at you. If you want to tone it down a notch, you can try looking for snowflake or sparkly balloons such as the ones pictured above.

Disney Frozen - Birthday Banner

This decoration can be used in many different ways. If your daughter wants to impress the kids the moment they walk in, you can hang it on the first wall they see. You can also give her a special “throne” chair and place the banner right behind it, which is perfect for snack time or present-opening time. This particular banner often sells out pretty quickly, so make sure that it’s one of the first items you buy in preparation for the party.

Disney Frozen Olaf the Snowman Peel and Stick Wall Decals

These Olaf decals can easily be placed on the wall or peeled off, so it’s a great decoration to use time and time again.


Coloring Castle
 Disney Frozen Elsa And Anna Lifesized Standup

Idea #1: Play the soundtrack.

Kids (and adults) can’t get enough of “Let it Go” or “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?”, so they’ll likely be happy to dance and sing along (for at least a brief period of time).

Idea #2: Color the Castle.

It’s hard to get a group of kids to play quietly together, but this castle just might do the trick.

Idea #3: Take a picture with Elsa and Anna.

The children will be excited to get in line and have their picture taken with the cardboard standups of the dynamic duo. You can attach the pictures to thank you notes after the party.

Pizza Time & Cake Time

Frozen 9 oz cups
Frozen Luncheon Plates (8 Pack)

There are lots of adorable Frozen-themed snack ideas on Pinterest, such as “Kristoff’s ice blocks” blue jello and blue-frosted cupcakes with “ice” sprinkles, but those all include tons of sugar. If you’re ready to handle a room full of hyperactive (more than usual) kids, then sure, try out those recipes. However, I recommend serving healthier snacks that won’t leave the kids bouncing off the walls. Luckily, if you serve them in exciting cups and plates, they probably won’t even notice the difference!

Goodie Bags & Thank You Notes

Disney Frozen Postcard Thank You Cards (8 Pack)
Frozen Princess Birthday Party Favor Box

As mentioned before, you can buy the thank you notes on their own, but the invitation/thank you combo pack is a much better deal. For the goodie bags, you can buy them prepackaged, or create your own by filling a bag with Frozen-themed favors nicknacks.