Whether you were keeping track of your betting pool, awaiting the reveal of Katy Perry’s [absent] wig or gorging yourself with food, odds are you were tuned into NBC last night. Super Bowl XLIX showcased new ads from the world’s largest brands that made us laugh, cry and scratch our heads. That Patriots’ win over the Seahawks delivered the highest overnight rating in Super Bowl history and was utilized by five organizations to bring forth major issues making headlines in society today. These SB49 tv spots tugged on our heartstrings and reopened our eyes to the bigger picture.

No More: “Listen”

Cares about : Domestic violence and sexual assault
Learn more : Nomore.org

Coca-Cola: “Big Game”

Cares about : Cyber bullying
Learn more : #MakeItHappy campaign

McDonald’s: Lovin’ Pays

Cares about : Spreadin’ the love
Learn more : Visit your local McDonald’s by February 14, 2015

Microsoft: “Braylon O’Neill”

Cares about : Empowering us all
Learn more : #empowering campaign

Always: “#LikeAGirl”

Cares about : Raising confident girls
Learn more : #LikeAGirl campaign

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