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New York, NY — One in four women will be a victim of domestic violence in her lifetime, causing well over one million to experience abuse each year in the United States.

Miriam* was one of these women – physically, verbally and emotionally battered for a decade at the hands of her husband, Luis. The abuse began almost immediately following their wedding in Puerto Rico, when Miriam was permanently injured by her husband. Luis then used extreme threats, violence and scare tactics to keep Miriam and their subsequent children with him, eventually moving them to New York City.

In the United States, Luis’s stronghold on Miriam persisted. He used his family’s influence – including his mother and her position as a New York State Assemblywoman – to retain control and continue his abuse, which had also trickled down to their children who feared him deeply, scarred by witnessing such violence in their home.

Luis was eventually found punching their autistic son in the face while holding a knife. Miriam attempted to stop this, and was beaten severely as her daughter called the police. When Luis was taken to jail, Miriam finally sought a divorce, and was referred to Her Justice for assistance.

Her Justice, a New York City based nonprofit, links top lawyers with determined women to help them change their lives and overcome adversity through excellent legal counsel. Over 7,000 women are helped annually, many of whom are impoverished and face abuse each day.

The excellent work Her Justice provides is why – a leading provider of philanthropic technology – chose to name the organization as their Cause of the Month in October 2014. boasts a community of over one million users and serves over 800 charities. Members see a portion of the money they spend at almost any online merchant donated to the nonprofit of their choice at no extra cost to them.

As Cause of the Month, Her Justice received exponential exposure to’s users, many of whom choose to send their donations to the featured Cause of the Month. By October’s end, $4,972.14 had been generated for Her Justice, helping Miriam and other women and children in similar positions not just escape, but overcome adversity and build a new life.

“We are so grateful to everyone who selected Her Justice as the nonprofit to receive donations based on their purchases through,” said Executive Director of Her Justice Amy Barasch. “The nearly $5,000 raised during October will help us bring safety and financial independence to thousands of women, enabling them to get back on their feet and thrive. We are proud to partner with, and we thank our friends there for their extraordinary support.”

“Each person that comes to Her Justice has their own incredibly powerful story,” said Gina Navani, Director of Operations at “We feel so grateful for the work that they do to help these women, and hope to continue to raise funds to find justice for many, many more.”

Thanks to and the work of Her Justice, Miriam and her children are now out of harm’s way, both physically and emotionally. Despite Luis’s inflexible and hostile counsel, she received a large settlement and substantial spousal and child support when she was granted her divorce.

“I am very grateful to my legal representation, as I was always treated with respect and made to feel that I was not alone,” said Miriam. “My case ended favorably thanks to my attorney. Regarding my son, the results were also excellent.”’s substantial donation enabled the Her Justice team to assist thousands of women like Miriam find peace and safety each year by shifting the power and allowing them to take control of their lives. allows its users to support charity while shopping, searching and being social. Join the Community online and support Her Justice with every online purchase.

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*Name was changed by Her Justice to protect client confidentiality.


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