If you have a special lady in your life, but you have absolutely no idea in the world what to get her, you’ve come to the right place. From romantic to practical to just plain amusing, you can choose the best gift based upon the personality of the woman you’re shopping for.

This genuine basswood plaque is customized to include your name (or initials) with hers, along with a significant year. You can use the year you met, got married, had your first holiday together, or even the year this gift was received. The letters are rustically imprinted, giving the appearance of a tree carving, and the plaque comes with a sawtooth hanger so that you can hang it right after all of her gifts have been opened.

ThinkGeek 8-Bit Rose

If you want to prove your love to a gamer girl, give her this 8-bit rose and allow her to be player one (at least sometimes). She’ll be happy to display this on her desk or dresser, and relieved that she doesn’t have to water it, because that leaves more time to play video games.

 Tovolo Cookie Stamps

Do you have a great woman in your life who knows her way around the kitchen? Well, she definitely deserves to take the credit for her delicious work, and these stamps can do exactly that. Each one comes with a different signature: “Homemade”, “Made with Love”, and “Milk and Cookies”.

International Hair Dryer Stand

You’re probably wondering what this is, so I’ll first start off by letting you know it’s a hairdryer stand. I know it sounds like a ridiculous gift (like a selfie stick or something), but it’s actually incredibly useful. Just think about how difficult it is to style your hair with one hand and dry it with the other (okay, you might not be thinking about that, but take my word for it)! If her other hand is free, she can sing into her hairbrush, paint her nails, or do whatever it is that would’ve been impossible without this stand.

Latitude Longitude Pendant

Any woman who enjoys wearing jewelry will be happy to receive as many necklaces as you’d like to give her (as long as they’re not ugly, of course). This necklace will stand out from the others that you’ve given her in the past, and it’ll possibly become the most unique and thoughtful one she’ll own. It includes the coordinates of any place of your choosing: where you first met, your favorite old hangout spot, where you proposed, or anywhere else of significance. Don’t worry, you don’t need to actually know the latitude and longitude of the location–just type in the address and Uncommon Goods will figure it out for you.