In grandma’s eyes, you can do no wrong. She can never have enough pictures of you, and she loves to have any excuse possible to brag about you (or your kids) to her friends. This holiday season, you can give her a gift that she’ll love almost as much as you. Almost.

Gallery Monogram Fleece Photo Blanket

Grandma is always cold, so a blanket is certainly a great gift…but you can make it even better by decorating it with her favorite family photos. Made of fleece (and love), these blankets are like a warm hug for grandma when you’re not there to hug her yourself.

Encased in Joy Photo Candle

This candle can’t possibly shine as bright as you, but it certainly has a beautiful glow. When she’s not cooking something delicious in the kitchen, she can light this candle to make her home smell like a garden, forest, or ocean breeze. Even after the candle has burned out, she’ll most likely keep the glass and cherish it as a reminder of you.

Word Color Blocks Magnet Nana

If she doesn’t already have five hundred pictures of you on her refrigerator, she can use this magnet to keep important papers such as medicine schedules, emergency numbers, or bills safe in one place. She can (and will) also use it to hang holiday, birthday, and Mother’s Day cards.

Sweet Grandma Mug with Ghirardelli Chocolate

Have a grandma who just loves puns? This mug says “grandmas make life sweet” and comes with a stack of Ghirardelli chocolates. It also, of course, has an space to include a picture of your precious, smiling face. You’ll definitely make her mornings a whole lot brighter with this thoughtful gift.

iPhone Case Grandma

Is your grandma the type of woman who refuses to follow the “old lady” stereotype? If she doesn’t like sitting around in her house all day and instead keeps a busy social life (possibly busier than yours), then she’ll want a gift that’s modern as well. A cool grandma like yours knows a thing or two about technology, and might even text you emojis from time to time. She’ll definitely love this iPhone case because she can subtly brag about her family every time she takes out her phone.

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