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‘Tis the season to get scammed by sham charities collecting for fake foundations.

After a recent slew of fraudulent charity cases surfacing around the globe, it’s understandable why many people are hesitant to give their hard earned dollars to causes during this time of the year.

Last month, internet trolls tried profiting off of a charity established to aid a Virginia family torn apart by a fatal house fire. And in London, a married couple of con artists were fined $138,316.43 after creating a fake foundation and selling forfeit charity sweatshirts and wristbands.

It’s a shame, but the reality of the situation is that the holidays do not bring out the best in everyone.

Like most hurdles in life, there are ways around this recurring headache. As an early holiday gift to all of you, we have come up with some helpful tips to consider while you’re weeding out the perpetrators in the coming months.

We-Care’s Tips on How-to Give Smart:

1) Don’t donate over the phone. Reports show that telemarketers pocket a majority of the donations given to charities over the phone.

2) Verify that the nonprofit is tax exempt and registered as a 501c3. If the asking organization’s financial data isn’t transparent to the public, do yourself a favor and run.

3) Don’t donate because you are afraid of others’ opinions. Do it because you know it will make a difference.

4) Beware of Facebook and Twitter scams.

5) Look into the organization’s management team and board members.

6) Avoid charities that sound very similar to well-known organizations.

In addition, use your best judgement when choosing who to donate to. Don’t let society’s Ebenezer Scrooges get your jubilant spirits down this holiday season. Remember that this is the time of year to spread cheer and enjoy the company of your loved ones.