We’re finally into the holiday season; a time of family, friends and the inevitable tacky sweater. Maybe it’s adorned with snowmen, possibly penguins or perhaps you went straight for Santa himself, but odds are you’ve got a woolen Nordic sweater somewhere in your closet that you’re bound to whip out at some point this winter.

So why not do so on National Sweater Day? Save the Children is encouraging supporters and holiday enthusiasts to wear their favorite themed sweater on Dec. 12, 2014, donate $5 to their cause and encourage friends and family to do the same.

It’s a far cry from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – the exact opposite, in fact – but a small donation and simple act can move mountains for impoverished children in 120 countries, from the United States to Sierra Leone, Nicaragua to Nepal.

Make The World Better With A Sweater, and Save the Children will use your support to fight for children’s rights, aid in natural disaster and war relief and provide proper medical care for kids everywhere. It’s that easy.