According to most human beings with souls, dogs are the most perfect, adorable, and devoted specimens on this planet. Just when you thought you couldn’t love your pet any more, you discovered that you can dress him or her up in costumes, bringing that love to a whole new level.

Of course, it’s easy to get excited when every single costume option will look absolutely stunning on your dog, but remember: your dog’s comfort comes first. If he or she has the patience of an angel, like Scout the Pit Bull, then by all means, pick out a costume that will blow away both humans and dogs everywhere. If you’re not sure how your furry friend will react, try putting on a hat or small object on your dog’s head first. If your pup runs for the hills, you might want to opt for a costume that doesn’t include any headpiece (or find one that looks okay without it). If he or she remains as deliriously happy as usual, then prepare for strangers, friends, and the PUP-a-razzi (see what I did there?) to start taking pictures everywhere you go.

Solo Costumes

Pet Raptor Costume

This officially licensed Animal Planet costume represents one of the most vicious dinosaurs of the Jurassic period–the Raptor. It’s the perfect ensemble for a tiny dog with a fierce personality.

The Raptor costume is available at

Despicable Me Minion Pet Costume

If your dog is as loyal (and possibly as mischievous) as a Minion from Despicable Me, then you might have a hard time resisting this costume.

The Minion costume is available at Costumes4Less.

 Petco Halloween Taco Dog Costume

Dogs and tacos–does life get any better than that? Well, maybe it’s not the best scenario when you’re actually trying to eat a taco and your dog starts begging for a bite, but at least this costume is fantastic.

Note: If your dog is a chihuahua, this costume gets extra bonus points. We all miss the Taco Bell dog.

The taco costume is available at Petco.

 Petco Halloween Camel Dog Costume

With two humps, two heads, and an overall silly look, this costume screams “Halloween!” louder than candy corn.

The camel costume is available at Petco.

Group Costumes

Batman Pet Costume
Robin Pet Costume

We’ve seen countless children and adults dress up as Batman and Robin, but somehow, dogs just seem to pull it off better.

The Batman costume is available at Halloween Express.

The Robin costume is available at Halloween Express.

Firefighter Pet Costume

Want to dress up with your dog? There are tons of options available for you and your pet, but this one has been my favorite combination so far.

The human fire hydrant costume is available at Costume Craze.

The firefighting dog costume is available at Halloween Express.

Dumb And Dumber Harry Dunne Dog Costume
Dumb And Dumber Lloyd Christmas Dog Costume

If you have two inseparable dogs, then I can’t think of one good reason why you wouldn’t want to dress them up in these costumes. If you haven’t already heard, a Dumb & Dumber sequel is coming out later this year, featuring members of the original cast (most importantly, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels). Feel free to bring your dogs to the theaters dressed up like this–maybe you’ll get free tickets for being so awesome.

The Harry Dunne costume is available at Costume Craze.

The Lloyd Christmas costume is available at Costume Craze.

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