Working with nonprofit partners,’s iCan campaign provides iPads to children living with autism or Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). The iPad’s touchscreen functionality, combined with innovative apps tailored to the special needs of a child with autism or Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), make these gadgets extremely powerful tools. But the cost of a new iPad, more than $500, and the cost of learning and communications apps can make put this crucial technology out of reach of kids and families that need it. partners, the National Autism Association (NAA) and the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation (GSF), work to identify where iPads are needed and obtain funding to provide iPads where there is need. The GSF’s own program, Project Mariposa, has already provided 188 iPads. The NAA’s program, aptly named Give a Voice Program, has also made communication possible for children all over the country. Seeing the potential and impact of an iPad in the hands of a child with autism or SMA, decided to get involved and support these respective programs in December during a campaign called iCan. In just one month, users earned $13,048.12 in donations, enough to provide 23 iPads to kids in need!


On August 15th, the third iPad made possible through’s iCan campaign was granted to a little boy named Sunny. After receiving his iPad Sunny’s parents explained, “Sunny is now 19-months-old. After extensive genetic testing and research, he was found to have SMARD Type 1 (SMA with respiratory distress). Sunny is a very smart boy! He enjoys playing apps on my phone and you can definitely tell that he is proud of himself! I know the large iPad screen would be amazing for him. Sunny has no grasp, he can’t wiggle his fingers and he has minimal shoulder movement. He can play with our assistance or when I put him in the zero gravity play structure I built for him. While in his play structure he can make swiping movements with his arms and kick his legs. I really want to start exploring and using alternative augmentative forms of communication. He still has full movement in his face and can make small throaty noises. I would love to start now, for his sake. I continue to get the cold shoulder from insurance companies and, unfortunately, can’t afford one. I would love for him to have independence and a tool for him to explore his intelligence. a head start, especially, considering the fact that he may be going to school someday in the future.”

Anyone can shop and support iCan through Just sign up and get started. allows online shoppers to donate a percentage of their online shopping to the nonprofit, school, or association of their choice.