Working with nonprofit partners,’s iCan campaign provides iPads to children living with autism or Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). The iPad’s touchscreen functionality, combined with innovative apps tailored to the special needs of a child with autism or Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), make these gadgets extremely powerful tools. But the cost of a new iPad, more than $500, and the cost of learning and communications apps can make put this crucial technology out of reach of kids and families that need it. partners, the National Autism Association (NAA) and the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation (GSF), work to identify where iPads are needed and obtain funding to provide iPads where there is need. The GSF’s own program, Project Mariposa, has already provided 188 iPads. The NAA’s program, aptly named Give a Voice Program, has also made communication possible for children all over the country. Seeing the potential and impact of an iPad in the hands of a child with autism or SMA, decided to get involved and support these respective programs in December during a campaign called iCan. In just one month, users earned $13,048.12 in donations, enough to provide 23 iPads to kids in need!


On August 15th, the fourth iPad made possible through’s iCan campaign was granted to a little girl named Cadence. Cadence’s parents wrote to the GSF, explaining, “Cadence was diagnosed with SMA Type 1 at 7 weeks old. As most families, we knew nothing about SMA or that we were carriers. She is a strong trooper and our princess is 21-months now. She was able to stay on bipap until she became dependent and we decided to trach her at 13 months old. The hardest thing about adjusting to the trach is she has lost some of her vocal abilities. There are times she tries so hard to make noise and she can’t. The iPad will help a lot with communication and teach her a new way of speaking. She will begin preschool soon and the iPad will really help her learn. She has used tablets before and the light in her eyes when she realizes that she can activate the screen is amazing! We use dvds and shows to help teach her things but the iPad would be interactive in learning and allow her to make choices on the screen. We also have family that live in New York and Alabama and the iPad will allow her to see them and know them even though they are not here in person. The iPad would have a major impact on her life!”

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