BlogHeader’s iCan campaign was started to provide iPads to children living with autism or Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). The iPad’s touchscreen functionality, combined with innovative apps tailored to the special needs of a child with autism or Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), make these gadgets extremely powerful tools. The problem is that the iPad can cost more than $500 new, and apps for learning and communicating can cost hundreds. For many families, buying an iPad for their child is simply too expensive. partners, the National Autism Association (NAA) and the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation (GSF), established their own programs to raise money for and accept applications from in-need families to ultimately distribute the tablets. The GSF’s Project Mariposa has already delivered 188 iPads and the NAA’s Give a Voice Program has made communication possible for children all over the country. Seeing the potential and impact of an iPad in the hands of a child with autism or SMA, decided to support these respective programs in December during a campaign called iCan. In just one month, users earned $13,048.12 in donations, enough to provide 23 iPads to kids in need!


On July 25th, the second iPad made possible through’s iCan campaign was granted to a little girl named Alanny. After receiving the iPad, Alanny’s mother sent this note, “My daughter, Alanny, was diagnosed last June with SMA Type 2. Alanny is the youngest of three. Her big sister is Nataly (4) and big brother is Jadin (5). It gets hard sometimes to explain to them why sister isn’t walking and why we have to give her her breathing treatments twice a day. She used to have a lot more strength when walking but that is no longer the same. She falls a lot and recently got a wheelchair. She also shakes a lot and her hands and fingers are more tensed up than before and we think using an iPad will be a great source of therapy for that. We do not have an iPad but I see how well she does with my phone. I think a bigger iPad screen will really help her. One of the main struggles we’ve had to deal with was fighting with Medicaid to get her therapy and equipment. She was denied Medicaid, three times and we gave up on fighting with them. We are working hard to save the money to see SMA specialists and give her all she needs. This is a difficult journey, but there is so much hope and support. Alanny is one amazing fighter.”

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