Going back to school can be stressful after a long, relaxing summer. If the anticipation of homework, tests, essays, and SATS (welp!) wasn’t enough to deal with, you’ve also got to worry about what to wear on the first day!

I can’t make the upcoming assignments any easier for you, but I can tell you that picking out the right outfit doesn’t have to be so stressful. First, decide what kind of fashion statement you want to make, and from there, I can help you find out where to get it.

What this look says: You’re a free spirit.

When you add floral patterns to your wardrobe, it gives you that friendly vibe and feminine flair. It’s a look that you can flawlessly transition from the summer to the fall. On the first day of school, it’s usually warm outside, so you can wear this outfit without leggings. Once the weather starts to cool down, you can mix and match this dress with cardigans and leggings of various colors, which will help you change up the look each time you wear it.

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kate spade new york 'kimberly' embellished denim fit & flare dress

What this look says: You’re classy, elegant, and well-dressed.

Are you the “Queen Bee?” You can channel your inner Blair Waldorf with this look. All you have to do is add a pop of color with your shoes and purse, and then add a bow.

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Royal Bones Spike Trim Top

What this look says: You’re edgy and full of personality.

Are you artsy, creative, and a lover of music? You can express your individuality with a look that’s basic but also has a bit of spunk.

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