We’ve all heard that Aloe vera and cocoa butter are great for our skin, but those aren’t the only two ingredients that can work wonders. There are many natural fruits and plants that can be used to nourish our skin. If you’re looking to treat specific skincare concerns, such as dryness, aging, or damage, look for products with these key ingredients.

Olive Oil at DHC

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a powerful ingredient for achieving and maintaining radiant, youthful-looking skin. It’s rich in vitamins and antioxidants which help moisturize the skin. Oxidized oils cause blackheads and a host of other problems, but because olive oil has a naturally lower oxidation rate than your skin’s natural oils, it serves as a barrier against irritants. For this reason, DHC Skincare includes olive oil in many of their products. Their signature product, DHC Olive Virgin Oil, is an unfiltered, pure, high-quality product extracted from handpicked organic Spanish olives. Discover olive oil products at DHC >>

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Algae products at H2O+


Algae isn’t the prettiest plant, but when it’s applied to beauty products, it can work wonders. There are over 20,000 algae species growing in the ocean, but the main ones used in cosmetics are brown algae (also known as seaweed or phaeophyceae), red algae (also known as rhodophyta), and green micro-algae. Their abundance of proteins, amino acids, and minerals contribute to various skincare needs, ranging from stimulating collagen to evening out skin tone. H2O+ gathers rich underwater ingredients, such as algae, and uses them in their products. With each item they sell, they give a breakdown of the key ingredients used and their benefits. Discover algae products at H2O+ >>

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Calendula at Dermstore


Calendulas, also known Pot Marigolds, can often be found in gardens and backyards. According to Web MD, these flowers can be used used to prevent muscle spasms, reduce fever, treat wounds, and alleviate sore throats. Along with its medicinal applications, its natural soothing properties have been used for products that combat dry or damaged skin, as well as eczema. Calendula-based products can be found at Dermstore, where every order includes free shipping with a free gift. Discover Calendula products at Dermstore >>

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