If you’re excited about an upcoming trip, you’re probably ready to pack your bags and take off as soon as possible. But, before you get ahead of yourself, stop for a second and consider these important safety measures.

Safety Measure #1: Setting up a Home Security System

Even if a kind neighbor takes in your mail, there are unscrupulous people out there who wait for these types of vacancies and know that you’re gone. Still, most of us don’t have the time or money to pay for a security system with monthly fees, complicated installations, and long contracts. The alternative–to pay a one-time fee for intelligent home-security–is a less expensive and more reasonable option. iSmartAlarm came up with various innovative products that can easily be installed by yourself and monitored through a free app. From cameras to motion detectors, you’ll have 24/7 protection that immediately alerts you to any suspicious behavior.

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Safety Measure #2: Hiring a Caretaker

Need someone to watch the kids? The dog? The plants? Care.com has babysitters, pet sitters, housekeepers, and other assistants to watch over the ones you care about most. On the Care.com site, you can see a picture of each caregiver, along with their experience, interests, availability, and payment requirements. You can even request help at the last minute!

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Safety Measure #3: Feeding Fluffy

Planning a weekend getaway? For a short trip, you might not want to bother a friend, neighbor, or family member to feed your pet. Instead, you can provide your furry companion with a drinking fountain and an automatic feeder. PetSmart has a great selection for cats, dogs, and even fish! You won’t have to worry about your pet drinking too much water, but make sure you opt for the programmable feeders. The ones that automatically refill are not good for indulgent animals–I can tell you that from personal experience.

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