The Candy of your Childhood


We all get nostalgic from time to time, especially when it comes to our childhood. We might not have time machines yet, but we do have the next best thing: candy! If I missed anything here, don’t fret–all of these goodies can be found at Old Time Candy.

Fruit Stripe Gum

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One day, my coworker was making a protein shake, and I suddenly had this feeling of déjà vu. It smelled like something familiar…something from my childhood. Suddenly, I had a “eureka!” moment and realized that it smelled like this zebra gum I used to have! I couldn’t tell you why a protein shake smelled that way, but it was still an exciting moment.

The actual name of the gum is Fruit Stripe. This candy technically launched in the early 1960s, but it reminds me of my childhood because I distinctly recall bringing it on a plane ride to Disney World. It was the only gum that had stripes on it, hence the zebra mascot (who was named Yipes). The gum wrappers contained super hip temporary tattoos of Yipes having a grand old time. Each pack contained five flavors: peach, lemon, orange, cherry, and watermelon. You probably remember the flavors fading pretty quickly, but that’s why you had five different pieces to entertain yourself.

Candy Buttons

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Candy Buttons, also known as “Candy Dots,” were actually invented around the 1930s. Still, I remember making and eating these as a kid. I never really ate them for the flavor, I just had fun peeling them off of the paper. It was therapeutic in a weird way. It turns out, if you lick the back of the wrapper, it’s easier to get the buttons off…but that’s your call.


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Warheads were introduced in 1999. Back then, I was ten years old, and I remember my friends having “contests” to see who could handle the flavor.

You can buy more than one piece at a time online, but I was fascinated by the fact that they are only being listed for a dime each. I’m pretty sure that’s what they charged for each piece back in the day! If you want a specific flavor, but only plan on ordering one piece (or just a few), you can mention that in the comments section at checkout. I suggest stocking up–Warhead contests are probably even more fun when you’re an adult.

Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks

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As a kid, I remember bringing one of these things home from a school field trip. My mom was amused because it brought back memories of her own childhood. It turns out, rock candy has been around for centuries. There have been many mentions of rock candy throughout literature, including writings from Shakespeare! I’m surprised kids were even allowed to eat these things…they’re pure hyper-I mean, sugar-on a stick. Just make sure to prepare yourself for a giant sugar rush.

Cotton Candy

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Another example of sugar at its finest, cotton candy has been around for quite some time. The world’s first cotton candy machine was invented by William Morrison and John C. Warton 1897. The two Tennessee gentlemen initially called the cotton candy “fairy floss,” and they sold it at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. Each box was sold for $0.25, which was expensive at the time. Nonetheless, they managed to sell 68,000 boxes!* It only took off from there, and as you can see, it’s still a popular item today. But, unless you plan on going to a fair or circus soon, you probably won’t see it unless you order it online.

Wrigley's Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

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There’s gum, and then there’s gum from a TAPE DISPENSER. Something about that made it so exciting. It was also a little nerve-wracking because you never knew how much to rip off for your friends when they asked for a piece. I used a picture of the classic bubble gum flavor, but you can also buy Sour Apple, Tangy Tropical, or Triple Treat (strawberry, blueberry, and watermelon). Oh, Bubble Tape

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