StoriesFromMauHeader was honored to partner with Khusi Hona and a partner organization, Guria, in the building of a vocational facility that provides opportunity to children otherwise destined to serve in the sex trade of India. Over the next few months, we encourage you to follow Matthew’s journey as he visits the site where the facility is being built, and your impact is coming into fruition.

This journey actually began long before my time in India. As director and founder of Khusi Hona I live a life split between the West and East. Khusi Hona is a U.S based 501 C3 non-profit that serves to support and protect the lives of orphaned and abandoned children in South Asia, specifically India and Nepal through fundraising activities and education.


While in the U.S, shortly after Khusi Hona was founded we were approached by and learned of their innovative online shopping platform that allows users to shop as they usually would online, but the difference is that some of the proceeds are directed to the charity of choice by the online shopper. We were excited and quickly partnered with them.

About 1 year after we signed up for, we were honored to learn that we had been selected as the Cause of The Month. The increased exposure from and a social media campaign allowed us to reach unprecedented numbers.

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We wanted to direct the funds that were raised through to a high impact project that would show the power of something you would never think of– online shopping. The purchases ultimately translated into enough funding to sponsor a vocational training facility in Mau, Uttar Pradesh, India. This area is in the middle of one of the world’s leading in source, transit and destination of girls trafficked and enslaved in South Asia’s flesh/sex trade.

The center will be run and managed by a partner organization, Guria, which in Hindi means, “doll” a toy that is played with and then discarded or thrown away. This renegade organization is making waves in the crime syndicates; courts, communities and individuals’ lives as they work to both protect and criminally charge across North India. The founder, Ajeet Singh, was named India’s man of the year in 2011 for his work in protecting and rescuing 1000’s of individuals. Through discussions, it was decided to direct the funding to one of the most closed off red light districts in a very remote part of India that is rarely seen by outsiders and thus very difficult to find funding for such projects.

It’s pretty hard to imagine that booking your flight and hotel, renting a car, shopping for books, applying for a mortgage, buying furniture and household items, sending gifts, searching for apartments, picking out a cell phone plan, ordering web hosting and office supplies or even subscribing to magazines and newspapers would ultimately transpire into something so powerful.

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Please click here to download the app and to be a part of the #FeelHappy movement! In the coming months, we look forward to sharing more on this project as it’s being developed, along with the lives that are being impacted. I want to send a big thank you to for giving us this opportunity.

Matthew van Rooyen is the founder of The Khusi Hona Orphan Project Matthew was born in South Africa in 1981. His parents operate a successful international aid organization and ministry. Matthew’s experience includes PR and worldwide branding and marketing in both the private and non-profit sectors. He also has a diverse cultural experience having lived all over the world, from Africa to the U.S, the Mideast, Europe, and more. Matthew’s personal interests include a passion for water sports including competitive stand up paddle boarding, scuba diving, surfing and fishing. In mid 2012, Matthew created Khusi Hona to raise funds for orphans across the nation of India through the use of a digital PR and marketing strategy, social campaign, live blog and an e-commerce feature of the charity, the goal of the platform being scalable and eventually being implemented in other nations across the world.