That moment when you realize the kid in your life isn’t actually a kid anymore…well, it can be pretty bittersweet. Where did all of the time go? Didn’t little Johnny or tiny Tina just learn how to trace numbers yesterday? Well, maybe it feels that way, but the truth is that your grad is growing up. All you can do is show your grad how proud you are by rewarding him or her with a wonderful gift to mark this upcoming milestone.

Grad 2014 Tassel Frame

Technology allows us to take pictures on nearly every device we own, but regardless of how far we advance, we’ll never outgrow the classic frame. The one featured on the left includes multiple personalized features to complement a meaningful photograph. Along with the “Class of 2014″ slogan placed across the top, there’s also a 2014 tassel, which you can easily swap out with one of your own. On the bottom, there’s a silver plate where you can engrave a custom message. A gift doesn’t get much more thoughtful than that, does it?

2014 Graduation Cap Charm Bangle

Alex and Ani bangles are trendy right now, and they’re also very affordable. Alex and Ani has a great selection of graduation-themed bangles, which include specific colleges and sororities, as well as positive, inspirational messages. Each bracelet can serve as an individual gift on its own, but it will look best if you stack with multiple pieces from the collection.

Oh, the Places You'll Go

Dr. Seuss is best known for writing children’s books, but his stories often teach mature lessons that can’t fully be understood until you’ve grown up. Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is one of the best books to re-read again as an adult. It’s an inspirational narrative that discusses the successes and hardships that come with facing a new chapter of your life.

Tumi Astor Dorilton Slim Briefcase

Looking for a gift that’s practical and impressive at the same time? Well, you can help prepare your grad for the “real world” with a sleek, sophisticated briefcase. Since he’s likely going to be one of the youngest people at his job or internship, he’ll want to look sharp and professional to prove to his boss that he’s ready to take his work seriously. Dressing the part will improve his confidence, and from there, the transition to adulthood will run much more smoothly.

The FTD ® University of Michigan™ Wolverines™ Rose Bouquet - VASE INCLUDED

Your grad will be happy to receive a beautiful bouquet–especially if it comes in school colors! FTD offers multiple rose options that are dyed in special colors and even feature a vase with the college’s logo! If you don’t see the college you’re looking for, you can still find other attractive bouquets to impress your grad.