In March, chose to honor Bottomless Closet NYC as our Cause of the Month. Throughout the month, users joined the organization in their journey to help women overcome poverty and achieve self-sufficiency for themselves and their families, succeed in the workforce, and improve the quality of their lives. After a busy month of shopping (and filing taxes!) at’s partnered merchants, $6,038.61 was generated by users!


In the hands of Bottomless Closet NYC, this donation will be given to help many women find jobs they deserve, avoid financial burden, be more confident, and lead happier lives. Below we break down just exactly what $6,038.61 could provide for the women that Bottomless Closet NYC serves.

603 accessories to put the finishing touches on professional interview outfits.

241 pairs of shoes to assist women in taking their “first steps” into the workforce.

120 credit/FICO reports to support women’s growth towards financial independence.

60 Professional Development workshops for women eager to gain professional skills.

24 accounts to access the latest technology and software for online job search and networking resources.

12 total makeovers to enhance women’s self-confidence so they may succeed in the workforce and improve the quality of their life.

6 rental payments to provide space for educational workshops.

Through, you can be a part of Bottomless Closet NYC’s mission. Use your account to help women discover their true potential and land a job that they might have otherwise missed.