The spring season represents new beginnings, so while we might not have jacket-free weather just yet, we can get started on creating a new look for our home. Before we know it, we’ll be using lighter blankets, tossing our heavy coats into the closet, and riding our bikes around town. Until then, we can come up with some ideas to make our homes look like they came straight out of a catalog.

Oh! Armchair

After months of being cooped up in the house, most of us are eager to go outside as soon as we can. Once it hits 50 degrees, we’re ready to have family brunches, dinner with friends, or late night talks with our significant other in the backyard. If your old chairs have worn out, or you’re looking for a more modern look, these colorblock outdoor seats from Infurn will add some personality to your patio. Available in orange, red, yellow, and light gray, these chairs can easily complement the colors of your house. They have been made out of a high-quality plastic, so they’re both easy to clean and built to last.

6' Cherry Blossom Silk Tree - Pink

Since 1912, the Cherry Blossom Festival has represented the beginning of spring. Although the festival officially occurs in Washington, D.C., you can create your own celebration of the new season by planting one of these trees in your front or backyard. This particular tree from doesn’t require any maintenance–the sun and the rain will take care of it for you. It also comes with a 10-year warranty, so this tree will look beautiful for the years ahead!

Umbra Gridart Photo Display, White

Tired of staring at the same dull wall? Put those Facebook and Instagram pictures to work with a frame that will organize them into something more artistic. You can include a photo in each of the 16 slots, or you can add some cute quotes or magazine cutouts to create a unique look. This display can be found at