In August 1996, congress passed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (Welfare Reform Act) and President Bill Clinton signed it into law. The legislation was written to be an important step in shifting America’s poor off public assistance and into jobs. The legislation would put new policies into place so that public assistance would run out after a period of time. This “deadline” was meant to motivate those receiving funds to find employment.

Soon after the bill was passed, a group of volunteers (the soon-to-be founders of Bottomless Closet NYC) shared a New York Times article among themselves. The article outlined the many obstacles that women would face moving from public assistance to employment, but one challenge in particular stuck out to this group of volunteers–the interview process. Many of these women lacked the self-confidence critical to a successful interview process and even the more basic necessity of professional dress. Determined to make an impact in the lives of women who were trying to take control of their own lives, the group of volunteers became founders with a simple idea–give women the keys to employment.

Over 15 years later, Bottomless Closet NYC continues to empower women, helping them find the self-confidence, professionalism, and core competencies needed to unlock a brighter future. Now through, you can be a part of their mission. Use your account to help a woman discover her true potential and land a job that she might have otherwise missed.