There’s nothing more heartwarming than doggy kisses or kitty rubs, but when their breath smells like garbage (which they probably just ate off of the floor), it’s suddenly not so cute. It turns out, animals can have halitosis too, and it can be a sign of a more serious issue. First, make sure to visit your vet to to check up on your little buddy’s health, and then pick up these products to keep up with his or her dental hygiene!


In case you didn’t know, you can’t share your toothpaste with Spot or Fluffy–you’ll need something specially made for them. While your pets might not be as excited as the cat in this picture to put a toothbrush into their mouths, you can ease them into it by letting them smell the paste first. It won’t be long before they start licking it, because as you know, they love to eat everything. Then, you can use your finger as a toothbrush, because it’s much less intimidating than an unfamiliar tool. You can also try squirting some pet mouthwash into their food. Find out which is best for your pet by browsing through the large oral care section at PetCareRx! Shop now >>


Maybe your little friend is smaller than a toothbrush, but that doesn’t make its dental health any less important. At PETCO, you can find this all-natural, chemical-free hay that contains no artificial preservatives. It has brome and long-strand hay to support dental health while also supporting digestive health. Shop now >>


Pets deserve healthcare just as much as humans do! Even if your pet doesn’t have any special needs right meee-oow, you always need to be prepared in case of emergencies. PetPlus is a partner with National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), and coverage is honored by over 60,000 accredited pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, and even PetCareRx! All dogs and cats are covered, and no pre-existing conditions are excluded. If you don’t have a pharmacy near you, they’ll give you fast, free shipping for online orders. Check out plans >>