Looking to stand out this Valentine’s Day? Forget the flowers and the crowded restaurants. Give your significant other something to remember by planning a weekend getaway! Whether you’re thinking about a spontaneous, last minute trip or planning ahead, we’ve put together a few things you might find helpful in planning!


I always believed that most people visit Disney World with the whole family during the summer, when all the kids are out of school. But it recently struck me that EVERY Disney movie I watched while growing up incorporated “Love” into the plot. So, I invite you to picture something with me… Imagine being able to stand outside Cinderella’s castle with the fireworks at night, celebrating the festivities with your significant other by your side. Best of all, with February not being a peak season, you can avoid all the crowds you would normally find over the summer.

Now, to add something even nicer, Priceline adds to this romantic image by providing Disney World getaway packages.

Hint for the die-hard Disney fans: Ever wanted to take a picture with all the Disney characters? Disney actually provides times and locations of all the characters. With shorter lines and less of a crowd, it is the best time to explore with your significant other to get all the pictures and autographs from your favorite Disney characters that you’ve ALWAYS dreamed of… I mean… casually hope to… get.


Ever find yourself spending more than you expected when you go on vacation? Give yourself a limit by not bringing your Credit Cards. No matter where you’re planning to travel to, American Express Gift Cards is always a safe, reliable alternative to both cash and credit cards.

Hint for the Thrifty: Purchase a new card for your trip. Any leftover amount you don’t spend can go towards a fund for that new gadget, shirt, or bag that you’ve been looking at! Or for something for you and your significant other to enjoy, a night out at a fancy restaurant is always a plus!


When planning a trip, the first thing that comes to mind after choosing a destination is always the plane tickets. No matter where you travel, it pays to have a rental car handy. Make the most of your trips by visiting as many places as you can!

Hertz has locations in all major airports in the US, as well as many International locations. So before you go on your trip/romantic getaway, be sure to rent a car in advance!

As an alternative, for those of you who are more interested in trips without the added cost of a plane ticket, road trips are always a possibility as well! With just the cost of the car rental and gas, having a weekend getaway at a Bed and Breakfast or out of state attractions is both economical and just as fun!

Here’s for the Car Pooler: Have another couple to travel with? Cut the cost of a rental car in half by splitting with them, and still have the convenience of driving everywhere you need to go!

Calvin Lo is the part time blogger for The Philanthropic Shopper and is a member of the We-Care.com Team. Calvin holds a B.S. degree from the University at Albany and M.B.A. from Pace University.