Counting down the minutes until Super Bowl XLVIII? Well, you can’t make time pass by any faster, but you can start shopping for everything you need to avoid the last minute chaos.

Best Buy

Watching the Super Bowl on a junky TV defeats the whole purpose of the experience–especially if you’re having people over. At, you can browse through some of the hottest TV brands, such as Samsung, Sharp, and Sony, and pick the one that suits both your standards and price range. Just remember: before you make any impulse purchases, make sure you read the reviews!

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Monster Products

You can spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on the perfect HDTV, but if you don’t have the right HDMI cable to go with it, you’ve basically wasted your money. Believe it or not, the quality of the cable makes a huge difference. Don’t think about an HDMI cable as just some wire you need to watch HD channels–think about the purpose it serves. The reason you buy one is to connect your HDTV to the cable box to receive high definition channels. If you’re using a low quality cable, the connection isn’t going to be powerful enough to administer the sharp images or crisp sound that you’re looking for.

The game is too important–you don’t want to take any chances. With the Monster UltraHD HDMI cable, you never have to worry about a fuzzy picture (or even worse, a frozen one) again. Their HDMI cables were built to handle large amounts of data coming through, so they can provide incredibly fast speeds. The performance indicator is displayed right on the HDMI cable, so you can see the bandwidth being delivered in real time. Plus, with the Cable For Life® lifetime warranty, you’re guaranteed to always have the best connection, even as technology continues to change.

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The Popcorn Factory

If you don’t feel like preparing your own food or waiting a few hours for the delivery to finally come, order something to chow down on in advance. At The Popcorn Factory, you can satisfy your cravings with a gourmet snack trio that features all-natural butter, zesty cheese, and oh-so-sweet caramel popcorn. They have over 20 NFL tins to choose from–including the Broncos and Seahawks, of course. Whether you’re catering your own party or bringing a gift to a host, it’s always an attractive option to offer guests.

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